7 Supermodel Tips for Life

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They steal all of our eligible musicians, celebrities, and athletes. What do these glamazon babes know that we don’t? Seven things…pay attention so we can give them a run for their money.
How do I know these things?  I used to be one…I dated less famous people…so I guess that makes me just a model, minus the super.  But, hey LA has been kind to me, so eventually who knows?
1. Stay away from salt, dairy, and people who don’t photoshop. They all make you look bloated.
2. Just because a guy has a camera doesn’t make him a photographer or director.  Just because a guy has a card doesn’t make him and agent or producer.
3. Be pretty. Being a bitch isn’t pretty.
4. Cut the tags out of all of your clothing. It could stick out or ruin your silhouette during a photoshoot.  Not to be confused with cutting the tags out of your celebrity boyfriend’s clothes while slicing them up after he cheats.
6.  Take care of your skin. A great foundation leads to an amazing finished product.   Some hotties use Vaseline, it breaks me out so I use Eucerin.  It puts the lotion on it’s skin.
7. Being skinny is fun. I mean REALLY, REALLY fun!  It might not be easy for most, but it’s worth it…believe it or not, most of it is done the old fashioned way with hard fucking workouts and good, healthy diets or else they’d be dropping dead faster than comedians who OD…but whatevers.
Now go snag a movie star & amp; get on the covers of those magazines with hardly any clothing.  You can tell ’em Sheila sent ya!

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