Job Hunt Employment Tips


Here is some advice from a comic on how I found my dream job.

List all jobs in chronological order.
Gaps in employment from that time you got knocked up are technically ‘sitter’ jobs and hopefully your kid gives you a good reference.
Be enthusiastic and descriptive about your skills. For example I let them know “I can photoshop the shit out of anything.”
Let them know how professional you are as long as things are going your way and you are getting everything you want.

Highlight your strengths. I like to share that I’ve only ever slept with just ONE of my bosses and it was hardly ever in the office.
I never use my looks to get what I want, my looks just do that on their own.
I think people work best in a friendly environment. Underwear makes me cranky so I never wear any.
I let them know I’m tenacious ESPECIALLY staying with really stupid jobs.

Congrats on your new job!

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