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October is my favorite time of year when the multi-colored leaves dance from the trees and crunch underfoot. Guys, I have a frikken Halloween tree, okay? I’m one of those people who dress up as many times as I can get away with and run away with the trophy, cash and prizes, like, “Ha, bitches I’ve been planning this costume for months!“ There is also the glory of pumpkin flavored everything. And the celebration of Halloween that is do damn sexy it once got me pregnant. If you’re looking for some kind of birth control method might I recommend never dressing up as a lady bug?
My mother’s also has her birthday is in October, fittingly breast cancer awareness month. She died 20 years ago this January from breast cancer having been diagnosed in her twenties. At the time pink ribbons weren’t the fashion of the day. When I wore one to school once I was asked about it so frequently & had such a hard time explaining it that I was annoyed …so I stopped wearing it.
Now you can find pink ribbons everywhere. Buildings are lit up with pink lights. Soup cans are pink. I bought my sister a pot & pan set that was pink…and proceeds everywhere go to research.
Take that, cancer! When I lost my mom I subsequently lost my sisters since there was just no place to put five little girls in the foster care system. Cancer, you bitch!
Then my aunt was diagnosed a year ago.
The story, however, IS a positive one. With the strides we’ve made in two decades my aunt is now in remission. Back when my mom lost her battle doctors could only hack you to pieces, pump in that chemo and cross their fingers. Now 3-D mammograms are routine, prescription medications help curtail the necessity of chemo, and genetic testing make life easier. Now my sisters, my child, and myself have a chance. A promise that one day, if I keep buying enough pink, breast cancer just may go the way of polio.
May we continue to gain momentum.
May we see great gains and strides in ending it.
May we find peace with our loss and hope for our futures during this pumpkin-filled pinkfest of an October…best month of the year.

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