The “BuzzFeed Girl”

Yes, that’s me…I’m the “Native BuzzFeed Girl.” I have been an entertainer for sixteen years and have gone viral on multiple platforms, including YouTube and now BuzzFeed. The videos were seen over 18 million times.

It has been featured on the Canadian nightly news, the Huffington Post and NYLON, among other media outlets. It has also been included in college curricula all over the US and Canada. I have proven again and again that I have something valuable to offer the world of digital entertainment. Guys I who couldn’t be bothered to text back after a few dates tracked me down and wanted to know how I’ve been. Touching, guys, really. Nonetheless – as both a woman and a Native American, which makes me a minority within minorities – I constantly find myself and my community marginalized and dismissed. Natives are parodied in tasteless Halloween costumes, sports mascots, and Hollywood films – meanwhile, we face some of the highest rates in the country of incarceration, unemployment, alcoholism, homelessness, poverty, sexual assault and (it should come as no surprise, considering all of the above) suicide. But statistically, we are the single most under-represented group in the media. We are invisible, and feel very deeply the continual erasure of our image. I’m tired of this & working to change this one video at a time.
In the meantime, enjoy my crew & I in a video about mascots and another about festival fashion. Much love to Jenny Marlowe, Shane Whitaker, Jim Ruel & our fearless producer, Chris Lam.

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