Been There, Done That-Foster Care

Being a former foster parent and foster kid myself it was a privilege to give back by hosting an event for Extraordinary Families, benefiting foster youth, at The Beverly Hilton in California on April 20th.

My co-host was Renee Ridgeley and every 00’s teenage movie-star crush, Chris O’Donnell. I had the pleasure of participating with Extraordinary Families in the honoring Shane Brennan, executive producer of NCIS: LA with an award.

When you have little time in your life, as a single mom working three jobs, so you change in the car on your way to hosting an event…and you have a stain on your dress and Getty Images has your photo everywhere the next day!

A few days prior I was at the Both Ends Burning Global Symposium as a panelist speaking on foster care & family initiatives at the World Symposium for the organization Both Ends Burning. They are creating solutions for children around the globe. Thanks to Beth Ryan for the referral. Let’s do this Uganda, South Africa, El Salvador, Nepal, Philippines, Canada, Honduras, Ghana, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Cambodia, Brazil, Thailand, Ethiopia, Romania, Guatemala, Bolivia, Chile, Columbia, Kazakhstan, Albania, Armenia, Ukraine, Haiti & all of the delegates from the U.S. from DC to NYC to the State Department. Your commitment to our littles everywhere is an investment in our future.

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