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Been There, Done That-Foster Care

Being a former foster parent and foster kid myself it was a privilege to give back by hosting an event for Extraordinary Families, benefiting foster youth, at The Beverly Hilton in California on April 20th. My co-host was Renee Ridgeley … Continue reading

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Yes, that’s me…I’m the “Native BuzzFeed Girl.” I have been an entertainer for sixteen years and have gone viral on multiple platforms, including YouTube and now BuzzFeed. The videos were seen over 18 million times. It has been featured on … Continue reading

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Pink October-A Breast Cancer Blog

October is my favorite time of year when the multi-colored leaves dance from the trees and crunch underfoot. Guys, I have a frikken Halloween tree, okay? I’m one of those people who dress up as many times as I can … Continue reading

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I was told the most responsible thing I can do for my family is have a Last Will and Testament. Really? Just staying alive isn’t enough? Well, I’m busy doing things like breathing right now, but I had a moment … Continue reading

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10 WTF Science Questions Answered

Answers to the “10 Most Important Questions in Science” as dictated by NPR. 1. What is the universe made of? Stuff. Mostly physical-stuff like elements and protons. And then there is God-stuff which is energy and things like money and … Continue reading

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Job Hunt Employment Tips

Here is some advice from a comic on how I found my dream job. RESUME: List all jobs in chronological order. Gaps in employment from that time you got knocked up are technically ‘sitter’ jobs and hopefully your kid gives … Continue reading

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Birth Control Top TEN!

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Not only does sex keep us from being bored and pass lunch break time at work, it also has the horrific potential of making tiny human babies. As a woman, if we want to prevent future baby daddy drama we … Continue reading

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7 Supermodel Tips for Life

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They steal all of our eligible musicians, celebrities, and athletes. What do these glamazon babes know that we don’t? Seven things…pay attention so we can give them a run for their money. How do I know these things?  I used … Continue reading

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Advice on Religion…from a Comic

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It’s not blasphemy; it’s Comedy! Whether you’re Christian, Jewish, Muslim or Stupid you should know that having beers with Jesus figures stuff out. And the one thing all spiritual paths agree on is the awesomeness of The Thong Song. I’m … Continue reading

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Financial Advice…from a Comic

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Since I’m an Expert Money Spender and a comedian I should obviously give you advice on your finances. Duh. I also used to own a debt collection agency at one time (true story).  But now as a comic I no … Continue reading

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